Listen Now: R.e.a.P - Long Night

on April 04, 2021


Artist: R.e.a.P
Produced by: DeGazon
Written by: R.e.a.P
Mixed & Mastered by: Eric "Zoser" Robinson
Artwork: Bamboo Graphics

Long Night

Time to load up, we’re gonna be in for a long night
Where we hang with the killers, guns bang millimeters
Fangs out like gorillas I’m gonna bite, bullets fly
Hit em on the side, should of never tried
Left a bigger hole leave em seeing with a third eye
Strap up and enjoy the ride or the 45 leave you immobilized ugh

Semi automatic blow we’re all sinners
Tell me if you down to roll for my niggas
Making them hammers blow for the figures
Aiming for higher goals cuz we’re winners

With the OG behind enemy line stay lo key
Avoiding the ops cuz they know me
Only down to 1 shot on me it feels lonely
Can’t even go back to the block
dammit it’s hot, cameras on watch
Avoiding the cops, gotta go to another block
Get off on some other stop
Meet up with my girl only one in the world
Smash in the telly, pulling her curls
She came, then we switch sides now she ride on top and we bang
Like pistols R.e.a.P gonna get you
Girl it’s by the design that I’m with you
Body anybody that tries to go against you
Cuz this 45 is going to rip through
Set of shots would leave em shredded
Make em regret it so don’t forget it
Pumping you with iron if you try flexing
You been known this, flow super potent
Should of had a different motive
paramedics doing dead-lifts
Can’t hold me back I’m known clap always with the strap like a policeman
With black matte when I’m at bat have you fall flat just for thieving
So don’t give me a reason like treason enemies got me unleashing demons
I’m ice cold it’s freezing and squeezing, the tip rip quick leave you bleeding

Make it pierce inside so that you can wonder why
I can open up your mind now if you wanna try

It’s so lifting, your position gonna to be shifting
Have you reminiscing on the good times that you’re missing

Get rolled like grass and smoked like packs, make it clap then I’m leaving
Hit the club next in the BX chill with the best we be scheming
Create something scenic, fulfill dreams with the team that’s beaming and gleaming
And we be steaming that green weed Make you feel like you’re dreaming
Got the crew on deck and my jewels is fresh
When my money flip look like a Rolodex
And there’s more to get can’t forget the set
It’s a work of art like it’s in the met
When you from the X gotta represent
And hustle hard collect the checks
Getting more cash and gold
Fly like a jet and go

Ima get mine cuz it’s my time
I’m too fly in my prime
With my dime she’s so fine
Babygirl will always be mine

I wanna get inside mami go another round
Make exotic sounds love it when I lay it down

Cuz it’s a party baby yea we getting naughty lady
Girl shake that ass you know that I want you daily
And you be on my mind I love the style you’re amazing
I put in overtime maybe you can have my baby

Getting more stacks ohh
Getting more paper you know you know
Hop on a plane and go and go and go
Getting more stacks ohh
Getting more paper you know you know
Hop on a plane and go and go and go



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