Anything can be achieved through hard work, determination, having a good plan and learning from your failures. Growing up in the hood I’ve always wanted to own a legit business, I just didn’t know how nor did I have the resources to start one.
The internet has leveled the playing field. It gives us the opportunity to setup shop at a low cost without all of the risk that comes with having a physical storefront. I’m still learning, but as I walk this journey I want to give back and share useful information to help you do the same.
First, think about your hustle. What products or services would you like to offer? What are some of your hobbies, skills, and interests? Is there something you gravitate towards? Try to find a lane that’s genuine and works for you.
Next we need to figure out your brand and logo. This will help people identify who you are as a business. Once that’s set, you can create a website using services like Wordpress, Shopify, Wix, etc. to start building your website and owning a .com.
There’s a lot of work involved in building and designing a website, it’s to your advantage to learn the basics and do research. Feel free to text me.  You can work off a template and customize it to fit your style.
Drop-shipping is the name of the game. This allows you to sell products online without having to stock the physical item at your location. Customers pay you, you pay the vendor, and the vendor ships the order out to the customer. There are many vendors that offer this service, some offer a paid subscription, some are free.  Find one that you aligns with the products and quality you’re looking for.
To be continued...